Objective Legal Guidance For Businesses And Individuals Considering Bankruptcy

Nobody aspires to file bankruptcy. Some see it as a declaration of financial failure. For many facing dire financial straits, however, bankruptcy is simply a smart financial decision. Under the right circumstances, businesses and individuals alike can benefit tremendously from the protections of federal bankruptcy law.

Empowering Clients To Make Wise Decisions

How do you determine whether bankruptcy is right for your situation? This is an important decision that should be guided by reasoned analysis.

At DiNapoli & Sibley, a local law firm in San Jose, we take emotions and assumptions out of the equation. Our goal is to provide those considering bankruptcy with an objective and pragmatic analysis of their options. We believe this realistic approach empowers clients to make informed decisions — and to proceed with confidence knowing they made the right choice.

Types Of Bankruptcy And Bankruptcy Alternatives

Our firm represents individuals, businesses and creditors throughout the South Bay and the entire Bay Area. Backed by more than 60 years of combined experience, our lawyers are well-versed in common types of bankruptcy for individuals and businesses, including:

If you ultimately decide to pursue bankruptcy, we can help you determine which type to file, and we will walk you through each step of the process.

We also offer guidance on alternatives to bankruptcy such as loan workouts. As creative thinkers, we approach each case with fresh eyes, digging beneath the surface to develop solution-oriented strategies. Our breadth of well-rounded experience gives us the ability to quickly identify avenues for clients' success.

Evaluate Your Options

Find out whether bankruptcy can lay the groundwork for a more secure financial future. Explore your options by consulting with the experienced attorneys at DiNapoli & Sibley. We also represent creditors and claimants whose rights are impacted by the bankruptcy of a business or individual.

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